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What is a Paralegal Certificate v. a Certified Paralegal?

All certification is voluntary and a paralegal is allowed to work within the field without being certified or registered. However, many paralegals strive to advance their knowledge and become certified. Paralegals, attorneys, and others working in the legal field should be mindful that a Paralegal Certificate and a Certified Paralegal are not interchangeable and are vastly different.

  • A paralegal certificate is obtained from secondary schools or by completing a paralegal training course. Paralegals and non-paralegals can complete these courses and obtain the certificate. The certificate award is presented for the completion of a program. Continuing education is not required in order to maintain the paralegal certificate. 

  • A certified paralegal has obtained certification from either the National Association of Legal Assistants (NALA) or the National Federation of Paralegal Associations (NFPA). Only paralegals that meet certain requirements as set forth by each organization are able to apply for the certification. For those who become certified under the NALA program, those successfully completing the course and exam are awarded a "Certified Paralegal" certificate and may use the credentials "CP". Each national organization mandates a certain number of hours of continuing education to maintain the certification. 

Some states offer their own certified program, however, Minnesota and North Dakota do not have any such programs.


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For more information on the Certified Paralegal Exam and Advanced Certified Paralegal Exam please visit​ www.nala.org/Certification.aspx


NALA Certified Paralegal or Advanced Certified Paralegal Exams

RRVPA is now offering scholarships for the NALA Certified Paralegal (CP) or Advanced Certified Paralegal (ACP) Exams! We will hold a drawing for one $100 scholarship at each RRVPA seminar. Also, we will hold other $100 scholarship drawings at random through our Facebook page. Like our page on Facebook at www.facebook.com/redrivervalleyparalegalassociation to be updated when we are holding our drawings! 


Certified Paralegal

Advanced Certified Paralegal

  • Must be a RRVPA member; 
  • Meet the qualifications as set forth by NALA at www.nala.org
  • Must be a RRVPA member;


  • Meet the qualifications as set forth by NALA at www.nala.org

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Exam Books

In addition to our scholarship, RRVPA has the Certified Paralegal exam books available for our members to use while studying to take the CP exam. Please contact us to get more information!