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2022 - 2023 Annual Membership Rates

Voting Member $60

Associate Member $45 

Student Member $20

​Sustaining Member $75​​

4.2 Associate Member: (Non-voting) Any individual who is working as a legal assistant/paralegal who has not yet achieved the status of a voting member; or an individual who works in a related area of work (for example, but not limited to, legal assistant manager, legal assistant supervisor, nurse consultant or legal investigator). (Note: Section 6 must be completed.)

4.3 Student Member: (Non-voting) Any person who is currently enrolled full time in a formal course of study for legal assistants/paralegals at a college, university, junior college or post-secondary school, which course of study requires resident classes or courses for completion of such legal assistants/paralegal programs. (Note: Section 7 must be completed.)

4.4 Sustaining Members: (Non-voting) Any lawyer, law firm, agency, association, educational institution, corporation or other entity interested in supporting the legal assistant/paralegal profession and the Association may become a sustaining member by meeting such additional standards, if any, as may time to time be prescribed by the Standing Rules of the Association. (Note: Section 8 must be completed)

RRVPA Bylaws - Article IV

4.1. Voting Member: voting membership shall be open to any legal assistant/paralegal who meets one of the requirements set forth below:​​

Membership Types

A.     Graduation from one of the following ABA approved legal assistant/paralegal studies: bachelors' degree, associate's degree or a post-baccalaureate program. If not ABA approved, graduation from a legal assistant/paralegal program which consists of minimum of 60 semester credit hours, or the equivalent, of which 18 semester credit hours are substantive courses. (Note: Section 1 must be completed.)

B.     A bachelor's degree in any field, and either one-year employer training as a legal assistant/paralegal; or 18 semester credit hours of legal assistant/paralegal substantive courses. (Note: Section 2 and/or 3 must be completed.)

C.    Successful completion of a national certifying examination which is specifically designed for legal assistants/paralegals and which includes continuing legal education for maintenance of that certification status. (Note: Section 4 must be completed.)

D.    Seven years or more of experience working as a legal assistant/paralegal who has been employer trained by and under the supervision of an attorney who attests that such person is qualified as a legal assistant/paralegal. (Note: Employer attestation form, Section 5, must be completed.)