A mentor is an experienced paralegal who acts as a teacher and guide to the mentee; an individual who listens, guides, and supports.


A mentee is a new, inexperienced paralegal who would benefit from the guidance of a mentor; an individual who would benefit from information and insight from an experienced paralegal to advance your career.



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Mentor Program

Red River Valley Paralegal Association is proud to present our new mentor program! The Mentor program is designed to connect experienced paralegals with up and coming paralegals. Mentors will exchange information to their mentee in order to enrich their practical aspects and knowledge of the paralegal profession.

Please note, this program is not designed to offer job training or job placement. Participants are assigned to a mentor/mentee upon availability.




  • Meet new individuals who share the same passion as you
  • Be a supportive and positive role model
  • Learning new ideas or points of view
  • Share your knowledge and experiences
  • Motivate others to learn and grow
  • One-on-one meetings with experienced paralegals
  • Receive valuable practical advice
  • Gain real life exposure
  • Learn about the local legal community
  • Networking




  • Must be a RRVPA member;
  • Must be employed as a Paralegal for more than one year
  • Must be a RRVPA member;


  • Must have less than one year of experience as a Paralegal

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How to Become Involved

Complete the applicable handbook and return the necessary documents to RRVPA by mail or email.

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